Investigator Sites in Latin America

APF Research International LLC working as a Site Management Organization (SMO) provides sponsors and CROs with a network of clinical research centers specialized in conducting Phase I, II, III and IV studies for the pharmaceutical industry.


Latin America region is considered one of the most attractive worldwide for conducting pharmaceutical clinical trials. Global pharmaceutical companies have been running studies Latin American countries due to having adopted the International Conference for Harmonization (ICH) Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines, they have an easy access to diverse patient population and proper time frame regulatory approval.

Our centers guarantee:

Large urban patient populations, close to 80% concentrated in a few urban areas.

Treatment-naive patients available in all therapeutic areas

Disease profiles and therapeutic standards resembling those of the US and Europe

Smaller number of clinical trials competing for the same patients, which guarantees more patients per site

High patient enrollment and retention rates due to close, trustful patient-doctor relationships.

Regulations and laws for clinical research aligned with international standards

Seasonal reversal, enabling continuous enrollment

Experience with FDA/ EMA, local regulatory inspections and sponsor audits

Proven high-quality data. Most of the clinical research conducted in the region is part of multinational, industry-sponsored clinical trial efforts for FDA and/or EMA submissions.

Skilled MDs in all therapeutics areas, working not only private facilities but also public hospitals

Laboratory staff with IATA certification and experience in PK sampling

Investigators & research staff with English language literacy

Expertise in working with IWRS and EDC systems

Quality proven regional vendors for support services (drug distribution, sample transportation, cold-chain logistics, etc.)

High standard communications and IT

Similar time Zone as the USA/Europe (0 – 5 hours difference)